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Drug Test Tips

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Different Drug Testing Tips for any Drug Test Type

There are different drug testing techniques that can be used for drug detection. All of them use different methods in detecting the presence of illicit drugs and other unwanted toxins in the body. The most common types of drug test are urine drug test, saliva drug test, blood drug test and hair follicle drug test. These methods of drug testing are fairly accurate but the most popular drug test type is the urine test. It is the most cost-effective and the most commonly used in different settings such as hospitals, workplace and in one’s own bathroom at home.

Drug Test Times

The different methods have their own drug test times. The detection time also depends on the kind of drugs ingested, but the usual detection time is shorter for blood test. This is why blood drug test is much preferred for detection of recent use of drugs. Hair follicle drug test can detect drugs that were ingested 90 days ago. Other factors also matter in drug detection time. Metabolism greatly affects the detection time of drugs. Generally, when metabolism is slower, the longer is the detection time of the drugs. In this case, the overall health and age of the person should also be considered because it also affects the metabolic rate.

Drug Test Tips

There are many drug test tips that you will find in the internet and if you’re not careful in distinguishing fake myths from true tips, you will be in a dilemma. One of the most famous tips is to dilute your urine by peeing more frequently than normal. Drinking lots of water before the test is one recommendation to make you urinate more frequently, thus, flushing down the drugs and metabolites. Another tip is taking diuretics. Diuretics are said to also make you pee more.

Drug Test Tip

When you drink lots of water and take diuretics at the same time, your urine will become clear and that’s enough for anyone administering the test to become suspicious of you. Another drug test tip to counter this is to take b-complex multivitamins. Vitamin B2 or B12 is said to bring back the yellowish color of your urine. Some people say that drinking cranberry juice also helps, seeing that cranberry is a natural diuretic. Other reports have also suggested taking Vitamin B3 to mask the drugs in the urinalysis. All these tips have not been proven to really help and safe to use.

Drug Test Trick

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