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Drug Testing Athlete is now commonplace

Drug testing athlete has become commonplace in sports even in sports like golf where it was not common practice. Most drugs that athletes used for performance enhancement can be detected when human samples are tested. Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are the most commonly used techniques of analysis and these can work with blood and urine samples. Substances like HCG and ATCH can be measured by using immuno-assays which utilize fluorescent light or radioactivity. Other tests such as for EPO have been recently developed after the doping scandal involving the legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Drug Testing Company

Drug testing services are generally provided by a specialist drug testing company. The leading service providers typically provide a comprehensive range of laboratory and on-site testing solutions because they understand that employees use drug testing for reasons ranging from pre-employment to post-accident. Employers are keenly aware that employees with a record of drug abuse can compromise the workplace and are therefore looking to make informed decisions before they decide on employing somebody. Using an expert company can help them to make these decisions.

Drug Testing Cocaine

If you use cocaine, you should be well informed about the process of drug testing cocaine and what is involved. The tests involved in rejecting the use of cocaine are routinely used by employers on employees who fall in some specific categories such as commercial drivers. Testing methods can involve specimens of urine, blood, hair and saliva and blood testing, though the most intrusive, is extensively used. Cocaine can generally be detected if the test is carried out within 72 hours of use.

Drug Testing Detox

Many drug users will know that the body breaks down drugs into toxins and chemicals which stay in the system much after the effect of the drug has worn off and that modern testing methods can detect their presence. The only way of avoiding this is to detoxify your body and system with a drug testing detox. You can achieve this using natural methods such as drinking a lot of water to flush the chemicals from your system but this can be a long process and may not be completely effective. There are however plenty of safe and effective detox products available in the market.

Drug Testing Detox Products

Among the safest and most effective drug testing detox products in the market are the range of products made by Supreme Klean. For instance, SUPREME KLEAN DETOX DRINK is exactly what you need if you have been using drugs for some time and there is a drug test conducted by your employer around the corner. The drink would help you to pass any kind of drug test because it cleanses the toxins from your system. The product is extremely safe to use because it is made from the highest quality natural ingredients.